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E. Record Control and Report Module

I. Transaction Lock / Unlocking Module

Transaction Lock Module is used for unlocking or locking a particular transaction in sales, purchase, payments receipt, and disbursement entry module. Once transaction is successfully printed a record is automatically locked and cannot be edited. You can lock or unlock the transaction by entering the reference code.

II. Inquiry Module

Inquiry Module is used for a quick inquiry for products in the system will generate a list of items with details for you to choose from. You can also inquire for a customer or supplier balance. And you can inquire for a particular transaction in your sales, purchase, receipt, and disbursement journal.

III. Bar Code Generator Module

Bar Code Generator Module is used to print low cost Bar Codes for your organization's products for faster point of sale.

IV. Report Module

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Purchase Order
 Check and Voucher
 Sales Report
 Item Stock Card
 Bar Code